INRIVER Retreats

How long will it take to produce my retreat?

It depends.  Each retreat is custom designed and built, and this process can take several months.  The time required depends on the speed of the design process, the materials, the complexity of the systems, the number of retreats in the pipeline, and more.  Quality takes time. 

How much does an inriver retreat cost?

Again, it depends on a number of variables.  Please feel free to contact us to describe what you are looking for.  Finishes, size of the structure, pontoons, mobility, solar power, plumbing, heat source and so many other choices will influence the final price. 

why don't you advertise?

Our goal is not to mass produce hundreds of retreats a year, but to create something personal, exquisite and definitely special. We do difficult work for smart people, work that is exciting for everyone involved.  This kind of excitement travels through word of mouth, and from first hand experience. We are interested in building relationships as well as custom retreats. 

frequently asked questions

how do i get the project going?

Contact us and talk to us about your idea for a retreat.  We will give you a proposal including general budget and timeline.  After the proposal is accepted, we work with you to design your retreat and choose all the details and finishes that will determine a firm price.