INRIVER Retreats

dick pereli

Dick rowed in college at Columbia and the University of Michigan and continued making boats go fast in his role as boatman at Michigan, Boston University, and MIT. In fact, he has been working in rowing, as a boatman or boatbuilder, since 1981. In that time he has built, or been involved in building, about 1,000 boats—mostly coaching launches, but also several hundred seats of training barges, and many rowing tanks. Founding partner at Still Water, he launched Inriver Tank and Boat in 2011.

Ken green

Ken had a successful collegiate and national team rowing career, even though rowing was his second boating sport. He’s been a lifelong competitive sailor, and has raced small boats, catamarans, and 10-person crewed sailing vessels—fascination for moving through water is in his blood. Ken studied naval engineering and zoology, and has worked as sail maker, boat builder, and general contractor before turning his skills to rowing tanks. He worked at Still Water Design for 10 years before the founding of Inriver.

Katharine MacPhail

Katharine is an architect, homeschooling mother of three, artist, and gardener. She has been designing residential projects in the Greater Boston area since 1996, volunteers as a certified Massachusetts Master Gardener, and hopes to one day have a space of her own.

about us

Inriver Retreats are the product of a collaboration between boatbuilders and an architect, a manifestation of the owners' sensibilities and realized by master craftsmen. 

Chadwick williams

Chadwick was born in the Deep South. He has lived in Africa, the Appalachian Region of the Mid-South, and New England. He has taught at The University of Tennessee and Asbury University. Much of his inspiration comes from the concept of relational pairing and communication over time and space. His work is materially influenced by his travel, his extensive experience in the residential building industry, and working at the New England Sculpture bronze casting art foundry.


We have invited our artist friends to contribute evocative images of their personal retreat and images that inspire them.  Send us your imaginings and we'll link to your website.